Bishop Charlie’s Vision for God’s purpose for ANIC

From September 2014 to April 2015, our diocesan, Bishop Charlie Masters, travelled from coast to coast sharing his vision and priorities for ANiC. You can see his schedule of meetings here and photos from some of those meeting – especially the children’s sessions – here.

Bishop Charlie is challenging ANiC congregations to focus on these five priorities in their ministries. We are praying that God will make these priorities transformational realities in the life of every ANiC congregation.

If you were not able to attend a session in which Bishop Charlie discussed these priorities, his vision for ANiC, and his personal testimony, you can watch his presentation in Burlington on March 13. Bishop Charlie’s presentation was immediately followed by the Rev Garth Hunt challenging us to pray for revival which you can see here .

Also, Bishop Charlie addressed ANiC’s five priorities while speaking at Trinity School for Ministry (Ambridge, PA) in March 2015. You’ll find audio of his talk on the TSM website and photos here.

Bishop Charlie’s five priorities for ANiC churches are (in brief):

1. Bold witnesses – Every member of every ANiC church will personally have responded to Christ, as well as know how to share the gospel and invite others to come to Christ. Led by the Rev Ray David Glenn.

2. Biblically grounded – Every church of ANiC will be known for its strengths in the Bible and expository preaching. Parishioners are able to handle accurately the Word of Truth. Led by Canon George Sinclair.

3. Loving children – Every church in ANiC will have a vital ministry to children and youth, leading them to Christ and helping them grow as disciples of Jesus. Led by Jeremy and Kimberley Graham.

4. On mission – We each are intentionally and actively engaging in our communities, nations and world, focused on showing and sharing the love of God and fulfilling the Great Commission. Led by Claus Lenk.

5. Planting & growing churches – Every congregation is focused on planting another congregation out of their church family. We are working to plant a church in every major community across Canada. Led by the Rev Alastair Sterne.

Bishop Charlie has appointed Joan Deeks, PhD, who is a member of the ANiC Council, to coordinate Strategic Ministry Planning. She is working with Bishop Charlie and the five ministry priority leaders to bring to fruition the vision for these ministries.

StrongerTogetherPlease pray that God will use these ministry priorities as transformational realities in our churches. The Rev Garth Hunt has prepared prayers for you to use.

This was copied from a page on the Anglican Network in Canada web site.Anglican Network In Canada



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