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David Ravenhill

In June 2012, Dadavid ravenhillvid Ravenhill spoke powerfully at the conference in Montreal, arranged by St. Timothy’s, Pointe-Claire. He continues to speak out through The Anvil.

When he came to Montreal, he changed what he was to speak on to speaking about prayer and that through prayer we can pull down strongholds.

He says there are three very important things that we need to know about prayer: God’s love for us, God’s power towards us and God’s presence with us. Without one of those aspects, prayer is like a 3-legged stool. Remove one leg and it cannot stand.

Listen to the audio from this conference here.

Many more of his sermons are indexed and can be downloaded.

I Will Praise the Name of God

By Pastor Dan Endresen

“I will praise the name of God with a song, And will magnify him with thanksgiving”. (Psalm 69:30).

In a recent article, Rev. David Short wrote this to his congregation, “Everything we do in the Christian life is in response to the grace and goodness of God”. Is that true for you? If so your life should be a constant reflection of God’s glory — glorifying God in response to God’s grace and goodness toward you. In a few recent sermons I have spoken about the glory that God has given to us through the blessings of His Son and the giving of the Holy Spirit. These are given to us that we may fill our purpose of glorifying God. This should cause the world to take notice. They should see that we are simply flawed vessels like they, but something is different. We have a Spirit that they do not have and we honor someone else in all we do. Continue reading

Bad News & Good News

By Pastor Alan Cameron, Honourary Assistant

There are two things that have prompted me to write this article. One is a lady at our Bible Study made the comment recently that we never hear about sin anymore in church so that many people growing up cannot discern the difference between right and wrong. The other thing that prompted me to write this article is a sermon published many years ago by C.H. Spurgeon entitled, “The Revival Needed in the Church”.

What has gone on in our society in the last few years? No longer is prayer present in the schools. No longer can they sing Christmas carols lest they offend anyone. No longer is the name of Jesus spoken in many public gatherings. Abortion is becoming available for anybody who wants it. Moral standards are not judged by biblical standards but rather by public opinion. Churches are being closed… Continue reading

What If?

by Pastor Alan Cameron  Honorary Assistant

Just supposing it is all a myth. When we die that is the end of it. That is what some people claim. If what these people say is true then forget about Easter. Forget about talking about Jesus being raised from the dead. Take away the hope of the future Resurrection of the dead, and we have nothing left. The apostle Paul deals with this question in the 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians. What are the implications of what these people say in denial of the resurrection the dead? You see, this is not new. People denied the resurrection even in Paul’s day. Continue reading

Telling it as it is

by Pastor Alan Cameron– Honorary Assistant

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. (Psalm 107:2)

I felt led this time to share with you how I became a Christian and how God has worked in my life ever since.

It all began on a Sunday night at a church in downtown Toronto. I was eight years of age, and I went to church with my grandmother. I vividly remember that those taking the service emphasized that one must commit one’s life to Jesus if one would be a Christian. They said that they would talk to anyone who was interested. Something inside of me said go and talk to these people. My grandmother said, “Honey, you are too young”, but someone in the seat behind said, “let the boy go, it will be fine.” All I recall that took place in the conversation with an elderly gentleman was him reading John 3:16 to me and that I prayed that Jesus would come into my life and make me a Christian.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Continue reading

Three Things Jesus Christ Accomplished for Us from Good Friday through Easter Day

By Pastor Alan Cameron, Honorary Assistant

This coming Wednesday, known as Ash Wednesday, is the beginning of Lent. Lent is a period of 40 days of preparation for Holy Week, Good Friday and then Easter Day. You see, it is important that we prepare ourselves to celebrate the great events that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, but on Sunday, He rose from the dead. We do so by self-examination and seeking a closer walk with God.

But now I want to write about the three great things that Jesus accomplished for us on Easter weekend. Continue reading

Truth or Consequences

By Pastor Alan Cameron, Honorary Assistant

Anyone who is over 50 years of age should realize that this title “Truth or Consequences” was the name of a quiz show on the radio long before the advent of television. I can still remember the family gathered around the radio trying to catch every word. I have borrowed the title, but not the script of the program. The title fits the summing up of what I have to say.

Truthfulness is so often missing in our society today. Let me illustrate. We call on a friend and find that they are feeling down and discouraged. So we think of one of their strong points and to boost them up we blow it out of all proportions that it virtually becomes untrue. Continue reading

A Gift That Inspired

By Pastor Alan Cameron, Honorary Assistant


Some weeks ago my granddaughter Kaleigh, aged seven years old, entered my hospital room with a poster she had made for me. I was shocked. What was in the poster was most interesting. It was a house, one door, and five windows. Beside the house was the text: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5) So then in this poster we have a house and a text. The house could represent where I live or am situated now. This text speaks about the future which is unknown to everybody. Continue reading

“King” Satan The Wicked Spoke In School Today

By Pastor Dan, Rector

All of us are struggling to understand the tragic events of Friday morning. Our hearts especially weep with those who lost their children. Maria and I have a daughter of our own going on six, who fills our life with love and joy. She is the last of our four. And she, like most children that age, is a little love ball, full of hugs – soaking in and oozing out affection. We cherish her – and the innocent affection she brings to our family – especially as we see our other cherished ones growing up so fast. The thought of what it might be like to have her ripped away from us in such a horrific way, and the thought of what those innocent, trusting little souls in Newtown saw and must have thought in their last moments of terror is almost unbearable for me. How can those parents and siblings survive? We must hold them up in prayer continuously.

What makes a young man kill innocent children? Mental illness? Deep hurt from his parent’s divorce?  Extreme craving or jealousy of a mother’s love? Paranoia? What contributed to his lack of feeling? Violence on TV? Playing war and killing games on the computer? What makes a upper-middle class mother a collector of guns that are designed to kill humans? What is with our society’s fascination with violence, guns, and killing, so much that it seems to dominate the movies, television shows, and now the internet? Continue reading

Religious or Christian?

By Pastor Alan Cameron, Honorary Assistant

As the author of this article, I must say that over the years people have said to me, “You must be very religious.” When I answered that statement by saying to them, “No I am not religious at all,” they would stare at me with a look of disbelief! But you see there is a great deal of confusion over the meaning of these two terms: Religious or Christian.

A religious person is one who sincerely is trying to please God by going through various kinds of rituals or conferences or religious programs in hope against hope that he or she might make oneself good enough for heaven, but is never sure if they will ever make it. Continue reading

Hope for the Future

By Pastor Alan Cameron, Honorary Assistant

“Where is this old world going?” is what is on the minds of many people these days. It would seem that things are going from bad to worse. We hear of wars and rumours of wars. Famines, earthquakes, corruption… there’s trouble everywhere and it is all there before us. So people are becoming discouraged and cynical about life!

I am so glad I have the opportunity of saying we have a message of hope, and that hope is centered in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. He came once 2,000 years ago, and He is yet to come a second time at the end of this age. Continue reading

Singing With Understanding

By Pastor Alan Cameron, Honorary Assistant

“I love that old hymn – the music I mean, not necessarily the words.
It’s the music that warms my heart.”

It is sad that this is the attitude of many people who attend church on a Sunday. But listen, so many people miss the richness in what we sing and oh what a gold mine of truth there is in them. Continue reading